About me!

I am a self taught artist. I live in Geelong, Australia with my husband Luke and and my three gorgeous kids, Miles (12) Ari (10) & Leila (8) 

My art is inspired by my love of life, music and flowers and is a reflection of my emotions and inner landscape.

My process is very playful - and messy! I don't own many things that haven't been splattered with paint and often turn up to school pick up with paint on my face! 😝

I love experimenting with all sorts of paints. Brushes, palette knives and fingertips are used and paint is often squirted straight onto the canvas too! I celebrate imperfection and love to sing to my favourite songs while painting - you might even catch me having a little dance!

I am drawn to bright vibrant colours and hope my work evokes feelings of happiness and inspiration to all that view it.

When I'm not painting....
I love running, long walks and cruisey cafe rides with the family.  My husband and I also love spending time in the garden, Luke loves his fruit and veggies and I love the flowers (surprise, surprise! ) 

​A percentage of my profit is donated to The Tolle Foundation inspired by my experience with anxiety. Eckhart Tolle's teachings and my favourite book 'The Power of Now' really did bring me back to the 'joy of just being' in this magical world and strengthened my desire to help others through my art.❤

You can find out more about the foundation here;https://www.eckharttollefoundation.org